missing library in spotify

Wait... what the @#$%^ happened to my Spotify Music Library?

It seems that every new Spotify update includes something that can be considered as an actual down-grade. This time they've removed a function many of us used regularly - the music library ­čÖü

The music library was a sort of master playlist. It included all the tracks from every playlist you've created or had followed. I would go there to find tracks of a specific length of time. Sorting your music library by the time column made easy work of finding that perfect song or two to round-out the perfect class.

Here's the solution

Your Music > Songs replaces the now missing music library. It provides the same function, except it's no longer auto populated with all the tracks you add to a playlist. Click on Songs and you'll probably find it empty. To add songs to it you need to tic the "+" symbol next to a track you "like" and it will appear in the Songs listing.

Easy enough to add tracks until you realise that you're going to be spending a bunch of time clicking each and every track - there is no option to "like" a whole playlist. So pour yourself a cup of tea, or adult beverage and start clicking if you want to re-populate a master list of all your favorite tracks.

Or you could just forget the whole thing and do without.

Why did Spotify remove this feature?

It's only a guess on my part - Spotify is hoping to improve their track referral engine... they see that you "like" song "A" and others who like song "A" also "like" track "B" = a better discovery experience for users. Music services have very sophisticated software that is constantly learning from watching our behavior, while using the service. For example Pandora tracks skips (indicating dislike) and Spotify now figures you'll only tic the best tracks to add to your Songs list.

So let's mess with them, by selecting everything!


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