I take Internet security very seriously:

  • I see multiple hacked emails each week, that are sending out links to Malware sites to everyone in their contact lists, coming from the accounts of ICI/PRO members and subscribers to our weekly newsletter.
  • I've had websites that I personally maintain hacked in the past and sending out SPAM, as if it's coming from me.
  • I'm aware of friends and family who's identity was stolen, creating enormous hassles and expenses to clear their good name.

I'm also very aware the many of us spend a great deal of time online - actually it's not many... we all do. The truth is that there are Hackers watching and waiting for an opportunity to steal your identity and have you pay for their trip to Hawaii, or buy them a new 60" flat screen TV.

Most importantly, I'm aware that many of you appreciate learning of these hazards, here from a trusted source.

So when I received this advisory from www.trustedsec.com, advising me that the healthcare.gov has serve security issues, I felt it was important to share this with you - so you can protect yourself and your family.

TrustedSec’s CEO David Kennedy released a written and oral statement for the Congressional meeting with the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology at Capitol Hill today (November 19). The meeting was to discuss the security concerns with the healthcare.gov infrastructure. The purpose was not to point out flaws to negatively show the website in any political view. TrustedSec remains neutral and agnostic to anything political related in regards to the Affordable Health Care Act. The purpose was to show that there are serious security concerns with the website. Our concern always remains the protection and security of the United States and it’s allies.

TrustedSec’s CEO David Kennedy will be presenting to Congress on Tuesday November 19, 2013 at 10:00AM ET on the security concerns around the Affordable Healthcare Act — healthcare.gov website. The website has been under scrutiny lately with not only performance issues but a number of glitches and security flaws that have been identified by TrustedSec as well as other independent security researchers.

David will present both a written and oral presentation to the Congressional committee on the security concerns around the website as well as a live demonstration on how an attacker could use information from the site to attack individuals that have registered.

It really is a big deal. There are people finding the personal information they entered at  healthcare.gov, using a Google search, if they are even finding healthcare.gov in the first place 🙁

Our recommendation is to stay clear of healthcare.gov until these these security issues have been addresses and unbiased security experts give the all-clear.



Originally posted 2013-11-19 18:25:22.


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