We employ state-of-the-art- website security

We're employing state-of-the-art- website security

Sorry for the service interruption this morning. We were installing new security software to ensure that any information, sent by our members, is transmitted securely using the latest HTTPS internet protocols.


Now whenever you log on, you'll see the Secure | https://www.indoorcycleinstructor.com/ in your browser URL window. This is your insurance that with any form you fill out, the submitted information is safe from prying Internet eyes 🙂

The shopping cart system we use to collect membership payments has always been secure. Despite times in the past where we were attacked viciously by Hackers, no ICI/PRO member's personal information has ever been compromised. The changes we made were suggested by Google (and others) adding yet another level of protection, to a proven level of security.

So if you had planned to join today, only to see a 404 (page not available) notice, my apologies.

Here are the links to subscribe now.

PRO/Monthly $9.95 - no minimum
PRO/Platinum $97.95 = Two Months free!
Both start as a 7 day trial for only $1.00




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