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I'm going to look forward to watching Sweat Inc. > a new reality TV show that's scheduled for the Fall of 2015. What sounds like a great opportunity for someone, is a cross between SharkTank and The Apprentice. Jillian Michaels' latest media creation will give aspiring fitness entrepreneurs the chance to show why their new fitness idea, will become the next SoulCycle or P90x ...

Sweating to the newbies! Jillian Michaels is teaming up with Spike TV to find the latest fitness craze in a new reality series called Sweat Inc. Tried SoulCycle, Cardio Barre, P90X, Tae-Bo (and many, many more) and think you can do better? You”™ll want to sign up for the reality competition.

“We”™re gonna filter out the frauds and fads and ultimately we”™re going to identify the next fitness phenomenon – someone who has the knowledge and the drive and the determination to build a brand that”™s gonna become a household name,” Michaels told advertisers during a March 3 New York City presentation announcing the new show.

Michaels will host the show and, along with two other health and wellness experts, judge 12 aspiring fitness entrepreneurs as they compete to create the next industry phenomenon.

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It's not clear how to apply to be on the show. I found it's produced by 3 BALL ENTERTAINMENT 3650 Redondo Beach Avenue Redondo Beach, CA 90278 Office: 424-236-7500 

I'll update this if/when I learn more.


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