You're doing it wrong...

You're doing it wrong...

Saw an interesting question on Facebook this morning, that's similar to questions I get privately from studio owners;

My studio has conventional Indoor Cycles, without any monitors/computers. Can (or should) I purchase a Display Training system like PIQ or Spivi?

I'll typically ask more questions before responding;

  • What is your understand of Display Training systems?
  • What are your objectives and/or expectations for the system?
  • Do you want to offer Heart Rate Display Training?
  • How old are your existing bikes? When are you planning to replace them?

I'll first point the person to this link to 30+ informative articles and multiple class profiles we have here about Display Training.

Next I'll answer the question; can I use a Display Training system with my non-power Indoor Cycles? 

The short answer is yes you can...


While there's no option to affordably* add Power/WATTs to an Indoor Cycle, Wahoo Fitness sells a brilliant little cadence sensor that attaches to the crank arm of each of your ICs. Those $50.00 sensors will wirelessly transmit cadence/RPM info to the Display Training systems from either PIQ or Spivi.

Providing a visual representation of each rider's pedal speed, when none existed before, can really enhance your class. So your Instructors can cue; "I want everyone at 90 RPM and then we'll maintain it while adding load" which is very effective.

... but just because you can, doesn't mean you should 🙁 
You can get into trouble with only having cadence. People can get competitive and as soon as you start displaying anything, you'll have riders trying to post the biggest number. In this case RPM. Spivi's video game like display of riders will work with just cadence... but do you really want folks at 140+ RPM trying to catch that show-off up front?

What at are your objectives and/or expectations for the system?


* Yes, I suppose you could purchase a set of Polar Keo Power Pedals for each cycle in your studio. But at over $1,500 a set, they're not very affordable and you'd be money ahead just replacing all of your bikes.

Originally posted 2019-02-27 09:04:03.


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