We are continuing to fight through the problems we experienced last week. Rather than take the site down for repairs we have decided to leave it up and available.

Here's a recent article:
Last week there was a serious flaw found in the code behind TimThumb, an image re-sizing library commonly used in premium themes.* Because the code is commonly embedded in themes it”™s not easy to discretely update like it would be if the code were a plugin, and even when a theme is updated people are hesitant to update because they often customize theme code rather than making child themes, so if they were to overwrite their theme with a new version they”™d lose their modifications. That, combined with the severity of the flaw, means that this is one of the more serious issues in the WordPress ecosystem in a while, even more than normal because it wasn”™t in core.

Restoring everything meant we lost much of the custom coding we had in place and my developer is in the process of restoring it.
Hang with us 🙂


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