And yours might be too!

I've been experiencing low back and knee pain for over a year. When it got to the point when I couldn't climb stairs one-footed anymore, I finally consulted my OB/GYN at my annual appointment (it just so happens he takes John's and my classes and is a pretty darn good athlete).

I asked him for a physical therapy recommendation and he looked at me like I had horns. He referred me directly back to a Personal Trainer I'd recommended to him awhile ago when he was having hip and knee trouble. Duh!!!!

I've had two, TWO(!) sessions with Doug- my Personal Trainer, and I'm already at 50% improvement. Just a couple more, along with putting into practice what I've learned from him, and I should be good to go.

So, why am I writing about hip and knee pain in PRO/STYLE? Because I think we often know the answers to our troubles- in whatever realm we're dealing (fitness, style, beauty, etc.) we just don't realize it. Are you like me? I often problem solve (for myself/ family/ friends).... think, "Phew" and move on so quickly I forget about it. Out of sight, out of mind!!!!

Whatever's going on- cold weather/ dry itchy skin/ rashes/ break-outs...the list goes on...ask yourself- have I, or anyone I know, experienced this before? How did I handle it then? Take a look in your drawers, cupboards, medicine cabinet and see if you have a solution sitting right there. You may not need to spend a dime, or any additional time. I LOVE THAT!

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