This won't hurt a bit

This won't hurt a bit

My Colonoscopy is scheduled for February 27th > if you're over 50, have you had yours?

After some not-so-gentle prodding from the Senior Group Fitness Instructor in our family, I agreed to have a physical before we left for Jamaica. I'm in excellent health by the way. A note from the doctor expressed; "Your lipid panel shows a fabulous HDL!" I'll attribute that to all of the oatmeal I eat, nearly every day.

One of my "directives" was to schedule a (to use the euphemism) "procedure" - which I did. My "procedure" is scheduled for Thursday 2/27 @ 8:00 AM and I couldn't be more excited 🙂

Ok, I'm lying to you. I'm secretly dreading this. Not the actual "procedure" as much as the preparation that leads up to the "procedure", which I've come to learn is a rather unpleasant experience. Kind of like making a major change to your website.

And no, I won't be recording a Podcast, Tweeting, or live blogging while experiencing my "procedure". 

That would be silly. Besides they told me that I get some of those "Happy Drugs". There would be no telling what I would say or type.

Which ends my PSA for Men's health... speaking of which I also had one of those (very low #) so carry on unless you've been putting this off. In that case it's time to make the call.


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