This won't hurt a bit

This won't hurt a bit

My Colonoscopy is scheduled for February 27th > if you're over 50, have you had yours?

After some not-so-gentle prodding from the Senior Group Fitness Instructor in our family, I agreed to have a physical before we left for Jamaica. I'm in excellent health by the way. A note from the doctor expressed; "Your lipid panel shows a fabulous HDL!" I'll attribute that to all of the oatmeal I eat, nearly every day.

One of my "directives" was to schedule a (to use the euphemism) "procedure" - which I did. My "procedure" is scheduled for Thursday 2/27 @ 8:00 AM and I couldn't be more excited ­čÖé

Ok, I'm lying to you. I'm secretly dreading this. Not the actual "procedure" as much as the preparation that leads up to the "procedure", which I've come to learn is a rather unpleasant experience. Kind of like making a major change to your website.

And no, I won't be recording a Podcast, Tweeting, or live blogging while experiencing my "procedure". 

That would be silly. Besides they told me that I get some of those "Happy Drugs". There would be no telling what I would say or type.

Which ends my PSA for Men's health... speaking of which I also had one of those (very low #) so carry on unless you've been putting this off. In that case it's time to make the call.


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