Righty - Tighten... Lefty - Loosen, unless you're down under when it's the other'way'round > I think

Pick a word.
Any word.
And type it into the search box in Spotify... hit play and listen to the results.
You may be pleasantly surprised like I was.

Let me go back a few seconds...
I had clicked on a video and loved the sound track.

So grabbed my iPhone and Shazamed it.

The response was Loosen up your tie but it wasn't available in Spotify.
And it wasn't in YouTube.

But the Artist - Barrie Gledden has a bunch in Spotify and iTunes.

So I tried just Loosen...
And discovered a bunch of new music 🙂

Check out >

Lissie — Loosen the Knot

The Ugly Club — Loosen Up

Winger — Loosen Up

Kraak & Smaak — Loosen Up Children

The Little Kicks — Loosen Up

ilyAIMY — Loosen - this one is very intense/frantic - can't decide which 🙂

NY Loose — Loosen Up - Blondi-ish

Frequency — Loosen Up - 70's

Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins — Loosen Up - hit me over the head with something hard and smile while you do it.

I never did find what I had been looking for, but this isn't hard on your ears.



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