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Stages Cycling introduces a complete training experience with two new products for 2017 that complement the Stages Power meter: Stages Dash and Stages Link.

Stages Dash is a power-training-optimized GPS head unit that seamlessly integrates with Stages Link, a new cloud-based training and analytic system that includes custom-tailored coaching and education for cyclists of any ability. Stages Link will be in beta release fall 2016 and Stages Dash will be available early 2017, with a MSRP/RRP of US$399/€399.

“When a rider buys a power meter, they’re looking for something more than a number–they have a goal,” said Pat Warner, SVP of Stages Cycling. “After three years providing power to Team Sky, we’ve realized that athletes from professional to recreational have similar aims: they all want to meet their goals and they need simple guidance and immediate feedback to succeed. This new Stages ecosystem enables all riders to maximize their performance and meet their goals, with a simple and intuitive interface featuring unrivaled customization, and training programs that learn and adapt from each rider’s unique characteristics and achievements. “

Stages Dash

The Stages Dash performance training GPS head unit is specifically designed to coach a rider to his or her best performance. In the five years since launching the Stages Power meter, Stages Cycling has optimized its use with 3rd party cycling computers, but discovered a need for a highly-focused, customizable, training device. Stages Dash answers this unmet need with the delivery of robust Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity to Stages Power and 3rd party devices, plus GPS capabilities, while introducing new features including the ability to offer guided workout coaching and specific provisions to manage critical training metrics across all devices.

Stages Link

Stages Link is a hub of cloud-based coaching, education, training analysis and equipment management tools, which were developed collaboratively with the analytics experts at Today’s Plan. The system is backed by the industry’s most advanced analysis capabilities currently being used in the professional peloton. Stages Link custom tailors training plans and daily workouts to benefit rider performance and enable performance goals, whether the goal is to simply improve fitness or target specific races over multiple seasons.

Stages Link will also help you quickly set up your Stages Dash and keep tabs on your Stages Power meter, all while being open and compatible with 3rd party devices. Stages Link plan pricing is TBD, however, riders who purchase Stages Power or Stages Dash will receive complementary access for two months.

“We’ve developed a complete experience that will personally guide a rider through the process of living with and meeting their performance goals with power,” said Warner. “This system we’ve developed is an easy and fast way for a rider to achieve their best performance.”

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