Spinning Instructor Bicycle Discount Program

So they leave off the penny - like that makes it look more affordable ūüôĀ

$12,000.00 for a bicycle?

Could you afford a bike that costs anything approaching 5 figures?

With the partial blessings of the SGFI (Senior Group Fitness Instructor) I've decided that it was time for John to have a new road bike. But this Specialized S-Works bicycle falls into the same unobtainium category as the red Ferrari I saw at the club last week.

With the days getting longer and the sun bringing the mid-day temps above freezing, the young-at-heart start dreaming of riding outdoors. I had some time yesterday and visited a few of our local bike shops to see what's the latest and greatest.

And quickly broke into a cold sweat.

You see... I have a bit of a problem. Other cyclists tend to judge you by the bicycle you ride. If you're a relative unknown, showing up for a scheduled ride, most people wouldn't receive a second look at their mount of choice. But (at least in these parts) I'm far from unknown. After teaching Indoor Cycling for 13 + years, leading or participating in an untold number of group/event road rides, doing a small bit of competitive racing and the simple fact that I'VE LIVED IN THIS ICE BOX FOR OVER 50 YEARS has me somewhat recognizable by other cyclists.

Despite¬†our successes here at ICI/PRO, the¬†meager¬†scraps I/we get from teaching, some consulting projects and Amy's hard work, we aren't wealthy people. Please don't get me wrong. With a beautiful wife and two awesome & healthy kids - life is good. But feeling the need to be riding something that¬†reflects my status as a leader has me a bit concerned petrified at how I will be able to afford a worthy ride and remain happily married ūüôĀ

I took a few snapshots of what I found appealing during my short visits.


My buddy Randy (he's a bike freak - and can afford to be) told me when I asked his advice; "If you can't afford Shimano's Di2 electronic shifters, you want the SRAM Red Groupo."  Thanks for that Randy, but at $6,300.00 I'll pass.


This blacked out Specialized caught my eye - until seeing the price tag and the resulting gag reflex it created. I've always wanted a tough looking bicycle. Then of course there's the need for the legs to propel it...

Indoor Cycling Instructor Road Bike

Now we're getting closer to something I could potentially convince Amy I just have to ride this year - except the "Randy's on the road may not be very impressed. Is there a place to recycle those dumb reflectors? They're off and in the trash as soon as you get home.

This wasn't going very well. Next stop - check out what's available online.

Stay tuned.


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