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Keiser M3 Plus

As promised, I'll be posting the results from our Indoor Cycles with Power survey. I'll start with the Kesier M3 which represented about half of the total responses. Which makes sense as Keiser has been selling the M3 consistently for much longer than any of the other brands.

Please note that we didn't separate out the older M3 from the new M3 Plus which includes the new handlebar design and updated (more accurate) power meter. 

Focusing on the important bits, I will be presenting a series of graphs that I feel will best represent the findings for each of the Indoor Cycles included in the survey - click here for the list all of them.

  1. Satisfaction while riding your cycles.
  2. Using the Power Meter in class.
  3. Accuracy / consistency in power displayed.
  4. Would you recommend this Indoor Cycle to others?

Anyone familiar with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) understands the critically important "would you recommend us to your friends? question. It alone is the most accurate measure of someone's true satisfaction in a product or service.

First up, how do instructors like riding the Keiser M3?

Riding the keiser M3 review survey

Next, using the power meter in class.

M3 power meter review survey

How accurate / consistent are the power readings?

ChartExport (8)

And then the percentage of Instructors who would recommend the Keiser M3. You can find more information and pricing for the new M3 plus here.

Keiser M3 Plus Review


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