Star Trac Spinner® Blade Ion Survey Review

The Star Trac Spinner® Blade Ion is the latest Indoor Cycle with power to hit the market. The Blade Ion boasts strain-gauge technology and a cool blue light emanating from the flywheel hub that doubles as a battery charger.

There are only of handful of studios riding Ions and we only had responses from 14 Instructors.

I'm sticking with the same format we're using with each of these Indoor Cycle surveys - click here for the list.

  1. Satisfaction while riding your cycles.
  2. Using the Power Meter in class.
  3. Accuracy / consistency in power displayed.
  4. Would you recommend this Indoor Cycle to others?

First up, how do instructors like riding the Star Trac Spinner® Blade Ion

Spinner® Blade Ion ride review

How about using the power meter?

Spinner® Blade Ion power meter survey review

If your responses are included here, I'd be interested to know more about the Heart Rate strap issues. Is this a difficulty pairing (connecting) the HR strap? Or something different like cross talking or a loss of connection?

Every Instructor I know is interested in the accuracy of wattage displayed and consistency between cycles.

Spinner® Blade Ion power meter accuracy - consistency

All though this was a very small sample - the lack of accuracy / consistency does square with private conversations I've had with with multiple Instructors and studio owners. I'm aware that Star Trac has been trying to sort this problem and hopefully they will have it corrected soon. 

Would they recommend it?

Spinner® Blade Ion NPS



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