One of my goals for 2013 is to have a majority of my participants riding to the beat of my music. Not an easy task with the number of riders I teach that can't seem to hear the beat of the music - or are simply ignoring it.

Now I know that you may have been taught that it's not always the dominate beat that you should follow and match with your pedals. You're supposed to hear some subtle rhythm hiding in the music and follow it where ever it takes you.

Sorry, I don't (and never did) buy it - or at least I've never been able to hear these magical under tones and follow them. I (and most of the men in your class) need a strong beat if you expect us to follow it.

So let's give them something easy to follow. A beat that you can't ignore and has your head swinging from side to side.

That would be a Waltz... as in One-Two_Three / One-Two-Three / One-Two-Three / One-Two-Three / Right-Two-Three / Left-Two-Three / Right-Two-Three / Left-Two-Three

Like this one from your youth.

Amy's working on an audio version of this concept. I call her the Human Metronome and believe me, when we dance together, she leads. She has a very fun way to present this in your class that will have your (and my) participants learning to follow the intended cadence RPM that you designed into your class. Podcast #246 featuring Amy is now available.

But for now I wanted to give you some suggestions that you can add to a playlist

ICI/PRO Learn to Ride to the Beat Spotify playlist with 48 tracks that are in either 3/4 or 6/8 (Waltz) time.
This cover of Nothing Else Matters from Macy Gray would make an awesome 75 RPM climb. Listen to it with your eyes closed and count out the one-two-three / one-two-three and hear yourself cuing Left-Two-Three / Right-Two-Three to gently bring everyone in sync. Notice how each measure ends on the opposite leg - which many of the men in your class will find easy to follow.

Another great waltz/climb is Kiss from a Rose by Seal at 66 RPM.


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