Best Indoor Cycling Bikes with Power Meters

What's Your Experiences With Power?

I get questions similar to this most every week:

Hi John,
I have a friend who will be general manager of a new inn & spa here in {State}. They want to purchase bikes and have asked me to look at the proposal. I don't know what I would recommend - what's your opinion on the best brand/models to consider and how can I best put it out to the ICI/PRO community?
Your thoughts?
Thank you!

I normally respond with a few suggestions and/or followup questions. But his last question got me thinking - how can I best put it out to the ICI/PRO community? 

Yes, I've ridden everything on the market and have talked with dozens of Studio Owners and Instructors, so I can offer educated suggestions. But beyond my own personal experiences, wouldn't it make sense to learn from the thousands of other Instructors and hundreds of Studio Owners, who own and teach on these new bikes?

And then make some of that collective knowledge available to prospective purchasers, of the growing list of Indoor Cycles with Power?

So we created a survey and sent it out to a few Instructors, Studio Owners and each of the IC brands for comments. It quickly became apparent that we would need to divide the questions between two surveys, to reflect the different perspectives between Instructors and Studio Owners & Managers.

You can find the proper survey for you here:

Indoor Cycle With Power Owner's Survey - Click Here


Indoor Cycle With Power Instructor's Survey - Click Here

We tried to keep each survey as brief as possible, but there's a lot to learn here 🙂

If you teach at multiple locations, each with a different IC with Power, please feel free to complete a separate survey for each location. This will run until the end of January. If you need an early peek sooner than that - Contact us.



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