How did you do that John? A common question in our home...

I just clicked it to see what would happen. 

If you have a fear of clicking a link you're not alone. This affliction actually has a name; clickmentphobia and it was coined by the popular humorist, Sophy Laughing, otherwise known to her friends as Soph Laugh in 2012.

She advocates for a  Can Point, but Afraid to Click Support Group

Finding a well-qualified counselor is difficult, especially one who is clicker friendly, when your ability to click on links already has you suffering, if not overhwhelmed. In a clickerbound world, it can be downright hazardous to have a therapist who lacks clicker training and the experience of working with other clickaphobes.

Readers need to understand that I'm not a Psychologist and have no formal training that would remotely qualify me to offer any advise toward the treatment of clickmentphobia... but I will anyway and hopefully prevent you from suffering the same fate as this guy.

When stuck, confused or frustrated click something > chances are slim that you will delete the whole Internet (or anything on your computer for that matter) the the results may surprise you. Just don't click the links in that weird email.


Work for fitness models must be tough to find.

Can you imagine a class where everyone of us looks like Darth Vader? Luke, increase your resistance, oh and I forgot to tell you, I'm your father.

No? Well neither can I.

The AIRE mask is one of those inevitable products that takes a silly idea to an even sillier extreme. In fact it earned the Ridiculous idea of the week at the site.

The mask uses the force of you breath to turn some mini turbines in the mask, which creates enough power to charge your iPhone.

From the UK Daily Mail

Inventor Joco Paulo Lammoglia, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said the device could be used in all situations from running to sleeping.

He said: ‘I hope to bring the concept into production and reduce the carbon footprint.

‘It can be used indoors or outdoors, while you're sleeping, walking, running or even reading a book.

‘Besides saving energy and helping environmental preservation, it also encourages physical exercise.

Forgive me if a vent a bit here... Is it too much to expect a minimum level of critical thinking from the people who write articles like this? Reduce the carbon footprint? Helping environmental preservation? What utter nonsense. The tiny amount of energy this thing creates will never equal the amount of energy needed to manufacture, package and ship this product. Encourage physical exercise? Sure, I know dozens of people who would be excited to wear this thing at the club... but wait!

If it would keep people from talking in my class 😉



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