Question from a PRO member;

Hi John,
I'm having some printing format problems with some of the recent postings, including today's topic. When I go to print the document there is only an all black color sheet shown and printed.  I thought something must be awry with my printer settings but it is not happening at various other sites that I am printing from.

Never having tried to print one of our posts, I wasn't aware that when you try to print a post or page it looks crappy and much of the printed page is in fact all black. Not good, considering how expensive printer ink is these days 🙁

The problem, it turned out, is the software that runs our site does a terrible job rendering the page so it can be printed.
Not anymore.
At the bottom of every post you will now find a little "Print Friendly" button. Give it a try and see how it displays a nicely formatted document that can print, create a PDF or email a copy to yourself or a friend. There's also a box you can tick to remove any images, saving your color cartridge from unnecessary use.


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