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There is the option to Sync All but be careful if you have a lot of playlist. Tick each playlist you wish to sync.

Comments: Hi John-
I have scoured the entire ICI website and can't find anything to help me with the following:

1. It doesn't look like Spotify is syncing in some way with my droid2 phone. I have the app open on my phone before I open the software on my iMac. I updated a playlist on my iMac, and it didn't update the list on my phone. SO... I figured out how to download the songs directly to my phone. That led me to problem #2

2. when I add the songs to a playlist directly on my phone, it puts them at the end, and I can't find a way of moving them around (maybe this is too much for spotify)

So... I thought maybe I should delete the playlist from my phone, and if I log in to Spotify again, maybe it would sync up again, but I'm afraid of doing this and losing my playlist on my phone (since I have this playlist to play offline and it took quite a while to sync).

Is there a command/button on spotify to ask it to sync up again, and should it update anything on my phone that I updated on my iMac?

Also, is there a way of selecting only certain playlists to go to my phone, versus all of them?

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!

My response:

Interesting how I do things the opposite; I have a PC and use an iPhone - but I think everything is the same.

Yes you can select which playlists will sync to you Droid - the trick is finding where you do it 🙂

  1. Open Spotify in both your Mac and Droid - both need to be connected to the same Wireless system
  2. You should see your Droid listed in the left hand column under devices.
  3. Click on your Droid listing and you will see a list of all your playlists
  4. Tick the box for the playlists you want to sync
  5. You will still need to set each playlist to "Available off line" on your device.

I've attached a screen shot that show this.

You can reorder songs on your device by clicking the "pencil" icon and then dragging them by using the three horizontal icon on the right - but I haven't had good success with it. Better to reorder them on your Mac.

Does that help?


Thanks a million!!!!!  Truly!  You have saved my sanity and allowed me to work with all the playlists I have put into spotify and onto my phone.  Thank you!!!! 

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