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I sure enjoyed talking with everyone who participated in Sunday's training 🙂

I'll be scheduling the next Spotify LIVE training soon - click here to get on the early notification list.

A number of you were interested in the little Tap to the Beat BPM counter I used when I sample music. Right Click the image to download. This is a very simple tool, tap your Space Bar or Enter Key in time with the music. Click the reset button to clear and start over. It doesn't do anything beyond display the average BPM you are tapping - it won't add the results to the song.

One of the best parts of conducting these live interactions is that I learn more about what is confusing to you - so I can help!

One PRO member asked the question; "when I click the link to one of the PRO Playlists for an Audio PROfile I see it in the main screen of Spotify, but it isn't added to my list of Playlists.

I see now that this is confusing, so here's what you need to do to save a PRO Playlist or a Playlist that was shared with you from another Spotify user.

1) Click the Spotify link included in each Audio PROfile.

2) The link will open a new browser window showing something similar to this;

Clicking the gray button will open the Playlist in Spotify:

Next you will see the new Playlist added to your list 🙂

Alternatively, if someone shares a Playlist directly with you, it will show in your Spotify Inbox


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