This Podcast is originally from September 2, 2008. I have updated it with our new Podcast host information and I am representing it now. I hope you enjoy it. — Joey

September means the end of summer for many. School is starting and schedules are changing. I look at changes like these as a great time to start promoting myself and my class.  My goal is to have full classes, for my Sunday 2 hour endurance rides, by Thanksgiving. Yes, I know that's a long way out. The marketing and the promotion of you and your Spinning class takes time. I”™m already planning and discussing ideas now, on how I'm going to achieve my goals. Here are the first few bullet points I used for Podcast episode #5.

1) Partner with your club”™s owner, management and membership sales person

2) Get a Promotion Card - otherwise known as a Business Card

You can download the whole list here.

Here is the site I found for creating and printing your class "Promotion Card". Their online tool is easy to use, you can print on the back and they were the only place I found where you could include your picture! Very important!
Business Cards for $9.95 1000's of Free Templates, Design Online, Order Today Ready Tomorrow!

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