Discount Indoor Cycle Parts

I wanted to give a shout out to the excellent people at to thank them for their continued support of our communities here at and at The discounted Indoor Cycle parts they provide help take a bit of the sting out of maintaining the bikes in your studio. They've also done a phenomenal job selling my Red Pedal Tool to Studios around the world!

Newer ICI/PRO members and visitors who've recently discovered may not know our "Genesis Story"... the original idea, back in 2008, that lead to what has become the top Internet resource for Indoor Cycling Instructors and the most listened to Internet radio show for fitness professionals on the planet.

It all began with my frustration with Schwinn Triple Link pedals. Don't get me wrong, I still see them as an excellent choice for any cycling studio and the clubs where I teach have used them since the late 1990s. It's removing those @#$%^&  shoe baskets that has me (and hundreds of other Instructors it turns out) cussing and swearing every time a member asks to have them removed so they can use their cycling shoes with LOOK cleats.

Frustration doesn't sit well with me, so I started work on designing what would become known as the Red Pedal Tool for Schwinn Triple Link Pedals.

Being a sales guy, my next concern was; how would I get the word out (marketing) to Instructors and Club/Studio Owners?

Turned out that the answer was right in front of me 🙂 At the time I was traveling a territory as a sales rep and I was spending a lot of time in my car. Talk Radio can get old awfully quick. So to productively pass the time between sales calls I started to listen to Podcasts about sales, marketing and motivation.

Why couldn't I record and produce my own Podcast?

Other people are creating their own shows and iTunes does a great job making them available to anyone with and iPod... but what would the show be about?

I did some searching on iTunes and found a Podcast about creating your own Podcast. One of the episodes was about choosing your niche - what the show would be about. Their suggestion was to find something you are passionate about and a topic that you have some specific knowledge...

How about a show that featured the experts and personalities in Indoor Cycling? 200+ episodes later and I've enjoyed (nearly) every minute 🙂



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