How is it that these ancient rock stars have 20 year old hair? Just asking...

Last week there were a bunch of notifications that Spotify now offers what looks like the whole catalog of Eagles music - or at least all the well known tracks.

Being of that 70's vintage, I don't remember being very focused on the Eagles... they were just always there on the album rock stations I would typically listen to. Even though I had multiple chances to see them live, I never did. Better to save my money for the next time Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Elvis Costello, The Cars or (I hate to admit) Kiss came to town.

But as I revisit many of the Eagles hits, I'm struck with how many I can sing privately along with. Last winter my buddy Craig borrowed me his DVD of the The Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne These guys are/were supremely talented and this concert makes for a great two hour endurance class. You can get that DVD shipped free from Amazon with the 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime they are promoting for the month of July. I've posted before how Prime has changed my life by saving me untold time and stress. Just yesterday I found myself thinking I needed to drive across town to get a part for my kid's Honda scooter. But caught myself and instead I did the one-click thing with Prime and I'll have it tomorrow for less than what the dealer would charge and zero shipping or wasted time.

Here's my John's Eagles to use playlist of future Eagles tracks I intend to use in the future. It includes;

I've got a women in a Wednesday class I've been subbing for the last month. She walks in 10 minutes late, with her hands covering her ears, complaining about the music volume. I don't normally play my class very loud, but today I just may with Eagles — Victim Of Love cued up and ready for her to waltz in 🙂




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