Spotify Enigma

e·nig·ma [uh-nig-muh]  noun, a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation: Spotify is such an awesome service for Indoor Cycling Instructors, it's an enigma to me... why so few Instructors are actually using it.

Or maybe it just looks that way. I'm basing my comment on how few subscribers we see to published playlists.

If you're using Spotify click on the People tab and select another user at random. Check out the number of subscribers they have to any of their published playlists. Even for all the popular Master Trainers I'm connected with, 40 subscribers is a big number for any specific playlist.

I found this playlist of club music on the right that Cameron Chinatti is subscribed to. It has over 57,000 followers.

Why is that?

I was trading emails with contributor Chris Hawthorne, discussing this "enigma" of what appears to be a very small number of Instructors using Spotify... or more specifically; Instructors using Spotify who take advantage of the phenomenal music sharing and new music discovery, that's available to users.

I realize that there are multiple reasons users don't want to share their Spotify usage. You may also view a playlist but not choose to "subscribe" to it. Maybe you listen to a few tracks, find one you like and drag it into one of your own playlists.

Here's an example. Krista Leopold (aka: groupfitpower) and I created these collaborative Spotify playlists and posted them at Collaborative playlists allow anyone to add their own favorites = they grow to fantastic Best Songs Lists that you can use to easily & quickly find the perfect track for your next class.

I built my Epic Blue Ridge PRO/Playlist using songs I found on these lists.

Best Intro-Warmup Songs 

Best Songs for Climbing

Best Songs for All-Out Effort

Best Songs for Flats

Best Long Songs for Endurance

Best Cool Down Songs

Best Interval Songs

Over two hundred visitors have viewed these lists.

Collectively they have over 275 great tracks.

The most subscribers to any playlist - 16

Sixteen is less than 10% of the number of Instructors who have visited the page.

So again, why is that?

I'm thinking there's more to it... and if its an issue of understanding or the need for more education, we want to help.

So we've created this short survey to understand more about your use of Spotify... if you use it at all.

Totally anonymous if you choose - please take a few minutes and let us know your experiences with Spotify.



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