Apple Music Streaming Service

Kind of underwhelming if you ask me.

OK, I was wrong when I said last week that Apple doesn't do "Me Too!" products and services. I just sat through the live presentation and didn't see anything that would persuade me to switch from Spotify. They made a bunch of noise about "connecting" with artists, but nothing about sharing or connecting with other users. From what I could see there isn't anything that will improve how you deliver your class music. Even Apple's playlist timer fonts are tiny 🙁

I'll still try it at the end of the month when it's released as an iOS 8.4 update. It sounded like Apple Music will be built into iTunes... or the other way round, so every iPhone/iPad will automatically get it.


Apple Music will offer a free 3 month trial, then it's $10.00 a month. There is no free option like Spotify. If you have a bunch of users in your house, the family share plan (up to six users) for $15 a month might be of interest. It could help me and Amy save $60 a year.


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