Question from a PRO member:

is there any way you can listen to a podcast and cruise the ICI website at the same time? Often I am tempted to hit a link while listening and then I am thrown off the podcast. Frustrating.

I hate it when PRO members are frustrated, I can help...

Short Answer: Yes*, by enabling and using Tabbed Browsing in Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari or Chrome.

Long Answer: There sure is, let me explain...

When you are on a web page (what you are reading right now) and click on a link, one of three options can happen:

  1. The link replaces the page in the existing Window (that's when you lose the Podcast)
  2. The link opens a new Window (which hides the original Window and keeps the Podcast playing)
  3. The link opens a new Tab in the existing window (keeps the Podcast playing and the new page opens as a Tab in the existing Window) Looks like this:

I feel tabs are the best choice

So, what decides what happens?

  1. The setting of the Link can decide (Open in this Window? or Open in a new Window?) This is set by whomever built the web page.
  2. The settings in your Internet Browser can decide (The links at the top of this article take you to the Help pages for each browser)
  3. Or, you can decide 🙂

The power of the "Right Click" - it puts YOU in charge!

Whenever you want to click a link, and retain the page you are currently viewing - Right Click the link and you will see your choice of options. Note: Might be slightly different depending on what version of Windows you are running. MAC users see something similar.

Right Clicking Gives You The Power!

Did this make sense to you? Let me know if you need more.

* The other option would of course be to listen in iTunes.

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