Check out these video about IMAXSHIFT Indoor Cycling studios. They've raised the bar on using video an order of magnitude above anything else I've ever seen.

This Spin Class Makes You Feel Like You”™re Soaring Through Space

This is how exercise should be done.

IMAX Shift CEO Bryan Marcovici said the images help shift cyclers”™ attention away from the exercise”™s intensity.

“The science of distraction is really interesting,” he told The Huffington Post. “We”™re taking the focal point outside of the riders”™ head and giving them something in front of them to actually anchor to.”

Jesse Alexander, a master spin instructor at IMAX Shift, said “people work harder when they”™re visually distracted and visually immersed.”

“When they see something, that makes them want to pedal faster,” he continued. “When they see something, that makes them want to turn the resistance up. It becomes a far more effective workout.”

This is someone I'd love to have on the podcast!


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