Spinning and Indoor Cycling Studios in the USA

Guess what? Indoor cycling is expanding, and that”™s good news for all of us. You are probably well aware that this is one of the most popular group exercises in the world. When they”™re done well, these classes are amazingly effective workouts that thrill and inspire participants. While historically, they have been done in large multi-purpose fitness facilities, the exciting news we have discovered at Spynergy Consulting, is that independent cycling studios are on the rise! In 2011 the studio business model really came of age.

We have just completed our first review of independent cycling studios in North America. While there are a relatively small amount, the number is growing, and growing nicely. Our numbers show there are just under 200 dedicated cycling or Spinning® studios in North America, but 40 of those have been launched in the last 12 months alone, and many many more are in the works. There are literally thousands of yoga studios (basically the same model) and we are confident there continues to be huge potential for the committed entrepreneur in indoor cycling.

A dedicated indoor cycling studio for the purposes of our survey, is defined as “a facility where group cycling classes are the primary activity”. Some of these studios do offer classes like yoga or TRX, but their primary activity is indoor cycling or SPINNING®. I have not included cycle-training set up in retail stores or other facilities.

Originally published on the Spynergy Consulting blog, here is a summary of first published data on the independent cycling studio marketplace (remember, this does not include cycling programs conducted at traditional gyms, fitness centers and health clubs).

- Spynergy Consulting estimates there are just under 200 dedicated cycling or SPIN studios in the US and Canada. This number is growing rapidly.
- California has the most studios, followed by New York, New Jersey and Florida
- Other states with 5 or more studios identified include Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ontario and Pennsylvania.
- 26 states have is no identifiable independent, dedicated indoor cycling studio.
- Significant cities where we could not identify a single studio: Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, Cleveland, Sacramento, Charlotte, Columbus, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, San Jose, Memphis, Montreal, Hartford. (Note: if you know a studio in one of these areas please let us know so we can add to our database).

Spynergy Consulting has received hundreds of inquiries from entrepreneurs exploring the dedicated cycling studio model. We have provided business plans, websites and other consulting services to over 110 studio starters and 31 of our clients have launched studios as of this writing. Dozens more are at some stage of launch or development.

Spynergy Consulting owns and operates cycling studios in Boston and Chicago and also provides consulting and business services to fitness studio businesses around the world. Contact Bill Pryor billpryor@comcast.net 781-254-3677

Originally posted 2012-02-02 17:57:49.

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