New Spinner PRO NXT Blade adjuster foot design

Josh Taylor showing off their new Foot!

Spinner PRO/NXT/Blade feet that is.

While I was at Club Industry last month Josh Taylor walked me through a number of the improvements Star Trac has made to the new Spinner bikes/cycles. I'm never sure which word to use... they only have one wheel so technically they are "cycles" but I'm guessing you understand either way.

Providing a stable, secure platform for the riders in our classes is part of them actually enjoying the class. So if the cycle feels a bit tipsy because the floor isn't perfectly level, most manufactures offer adjustable "feet" on the bottom of each corner where you can make adjustments for an uneven surface. It sounds good in theory; put a rubber "foot" on a steel bolt, which is then screwed into the frame rail. Turning the "foot" changes it's length/height and you can easily adjust the bike to set flat on the floor.
But in real life that steel bolt tends to be corroded from sweat and nearly impossible to turn after a few years of use.

Enter Star Trac's very elegant solution; don't use steel, manufacture the bolt/foot adjuster from high-strength plastic. As you can see in this picture of Josh holding their new adjuster bolt/foot. Looking at the diameter of this thing makes me think it will support any giant who shows up at your studio.New Spin bike PRO NXT Blade adjuster foot design

One other thing: I'm aware of a club here in Minneapolis where they use the adjusters to tilt the cycle upwards slightly. I'm aware that cyclists on trainers will do something similar and the Tour de France bike you've seen advertised on Versus touts how their cycle tilts for and aft. Does it make sense to do this [wlm_firstname]?


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