I have officially designated this as ICI/PRO Conference Registration Week!

Why this week?

Because when I looked at registrations from last year, I see that the 7 days that fell 13 weeks before the conference had the highest percentage of new registrations, besides the opening week.

So this is the week many of you will register and make your hotel arrangements - use Group Code: IND

I'm not exactly sure why so many will choose this week, but I have a few guesses:

  • We are past the Summer Solstice and your finely tuned senses can detect the days becoming shorter = Fall (our season) is coming!
  • You are already looking forward to having your kids back in school and are planning events just for you 🙂
  • Volunteer positions are still available
  • The next 75 Instructors who register will receive a $80.00 Blink Heart Rate Monitor from Zoning Fitness!

The Blink is my favorite new toy. I see the Blink's Blue-Yellow-Red blinking lights as the perfect HR Monitor for the Club Athletes we teach.

    Maybe you have been training specifically for the ICI/PRO conference like my friend Chuck Cali in this video.


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