Back up your Music and filesWe had a near disaster at this years conference that could have been easily prevented. Without using any names, one of our scheduled presenters contacted us three days before the conference to tell us her computer's hard-drive failed and she lost her presentation power-point + everything everything else on her computer. The last time she had backed up her computer was many weeks before the failure and now she was looking at $500.00 or more to have a service "recover" as much data as possible. She had to literally reconstruct her entire presentation using her handout.

Had she subscribed to an automatic backup service like Carbonite this would have been a minor inconvenience, instead of a major panic.

I talked about this during my presentation on using iTunes and explained how I had a similar hard-drive failure last year. Because I use Carbonite, I was able to purchase a new hard-drive locally (about $70.00) and with a few clicks restored everything in just a few hours. I lost nothing.

Did I mention she uses a Mac? She could have easily borrowed someones computer, downloaded the files she needed and be ready to present in about 5 minutes.

Don't be foolish. It's less than $5.00 a month.  Sign-up now.


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