peeweeAmy and I went to a Halloween party last weekend dressed as PeeWee Herman and Miss Yvonne. Yes my costume included a "shoe mirror" 😉 During the party someone asked me "what's the secret word for today PeeWee?" and I thought why not add a similar feature to

Note: yes I am aware that Groucho Marx first popularized "what's the secret word" on his TV show.

Eustress - It's not a secret word and you may have never heard it before. I first heard Author Tim Ferriss use it in the 4 hour work week. Eustress is simply defined as Good Stress. More here. Tim describes eustress as stress that has a defined end where you can recover. Any form of physical effort is eustress except for when an athlete is over trained - and you know the result of over training, don't you?

If you are familiar with the "wear sunscreen" song, which is a musical version of a commencement address, you may remember the line: "do something everyday that scares you". Placing yourself is scary situations, then experiencing relief, is a form of eustress. Some examples would be: public speaking (teaching your first class), skydiving, asking someone out on a date, asking for a raise or competing in a race.

When I use eustress in class, I explain that the eu prefix is the same as in the word euphoria.

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