Best indoor cycling music playlists 2013

When it comes to choosing music for my classes, I like to include several different genres in my playlists.  Many that I create include a mix of classic rock, electronic, pop, and occasional country song and sometimes even classical.  I always include at least a few current songs in each playlist, so it”™s important for me to keep up with the latest songs as they come out each week.

Recently, I created a ride that included many favorite songs that came out in 2013, and since my riders had heard many of them through the year in my classes and of course on the radio, they really enjoyed the ride.  You can check my post and playlist here.

Before I created the playlist for that particular class, I put together a separate Spotify playlist featuring all of my favorite cycling songs that dropped in 2013.  I came up with forty-three of them, as well as a list of ‘honorable mention”™ songs (songs that I used a few times, but wasn”™t really crazy about-but some that you might find work just fine for you).


So without further adieu, I give you my top 10 Cycling Songs of 2013:

  1. Counting Stars by One Republic:  This song is so upbeat and catchy, that I could use it in every class.  It has a great beat and can be used seated or standing, or in combination.  Some other great songs from this album that made my top list:  What You Wanted and I Lived.  This is by far my favorite album that came out this year.
  2. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up) by Fallout Boy: This   one is hands down my favorite of the whole bunch.  Perfect for accelerations on the chorus, (or sprints/surges-whatever name you give them).  This song”™s energy and lyrics are unlike anything else I”™ve heard on the radio this year and it will definitely keep your feet pedaling.  Also check out The Phoenix and Young Volcanoes from the same album.
  3. Wake Me Up by Avicii:  This song is a great mix of electronic, country-fusion.  I remember the first time I listened to it thinking that it was different from anything I”™d ever heard. Even after hearing it over and over, I”™m still hooked.  Some other great songs for cycling on this album:  Heart Upon My Sleeve, You Make Me and Hey Brother.
  4. Timeless by The Airborne Toxic Event:  I”™m always searching for songs to use for heavy climbs.  The lyrics and the vocals on this song are breathtaking, and as the title suggests, this one is timeless.  A close runner up for climbing song of the year goes to Rebel Beat by the Goo Goo Dolls.
  5. Best I Ever Had by Gavin DeGraw:  Another one of my favorites for accelerations on the chorus. I really like Gavin DeGraw”™s music, and while this is a different sound for him, it works. It”™s quirky, catchy and upbeat, and it”™s sure to put a smile on everyone”™s face.
  6. San Fransisco by The Mowgli”™s: .This is one of those songs that sets the tone for your entire class when used as a warm up. It also works well as a fast flat road. Do you feel the love?  I feel the love.
  7. Best Day of My Life by American Authors: This song, which you may have heard in a Lowe”™s commercial or in the trailer for the movie ‘Delivery Man”™, makes a great seated, standing or alternating hill climb.  I also love Believer from the same album.
  8. #thatPOWER by, Justin Bieber:  While this is not a song I would typically listen to in my leisure time, I love a good strong beat that you can just get lost in while you”™re pedaling.  This one delivers just that.
  9. Jubel by Klingade:  This is a recent find and one that I can see using again and again.  It”™s fresh and unique.  I love the sound of the saxophone and the  pretty vocals.  I alternated between seat work and a standing climb on the beat, but I can see many different ways to ride to this one.
  10. Zorba”™s Dance by David Garrett:  This may seem like an odd choice to make my top ten, but every time I used this song, my classes LOVED it!  It only clocks in at 2:34, but you”™ll be tired and sweaty after this one.  As the tempo builds, so does your cadence, ending with a 20 second all out sprint to the finish.  Trust me.  You and your class with love it!

Here”™s the playlist that includes these top songs as well as the 33 others that made my list this year:

Honorable Mention:  As I stated earlier, these are songs that didn't make my Top List this year.  That”™s not to say that you wont find the perfect spot for them in your next playlist:

-Clarity by Zedd

-Can”™t Stop by Miley Cyrus

-Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

-Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

-Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

-Cups by Anna Kendrick

-Get Lucky by Daft Punk

-Applause by Lady Gaga

-Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake

Care to take a listen?

Did I miss any?  What were your favorites from 2013?

So whether you use strictly mainstream music for your classes, or you like to mix it up, try adding some of these top songs to your playlists in the coming months.  You might just find some keepers in this bunch.

Here”™s to a great new year filled with more amazing new music!  Happy 2014!



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