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And I think they ended up being more expensive in the end. Because, no lip liner wears like Lancome's LeLipstique. I need a liner that stays put and doesn't bleed into my vertical lip lines. When I teach, I need more than clear Chapstick, but I don't want a full bodied lipstick either. So a good liner, with a light gloss works well. LeLIpstique + a good gloss lasts through my two Saturday morning classes, so that was the test.

In the quest for a more budget friendly liner I tried:

-NYX Slim Pencil in all sorts of colors ($3.50). The colors are great and all sharpeners work fine (Lancome, Dior and Estee Lauder shapened the NYX pencils well). The problem is these pencils simply don't stay on....lIke for more than an hour. DefiniteIy failed the two class test! I went though one pencil in two weeks from re-applying all the time. Plus, I was bothered to have to do it! However, the 'Jumbo' pencil gets great reviews for longer wear, and at $4.50, I'm willing to give it a try.

-Ulta Automatic LIp Pencil ($8.00). Love the automatic wind up and color choices were pretty good, but again wearability was not good. It just didn't stay on and I left Saturday mornings with barenaked lips.

-Rimmel 1000 Kisses LIp LIner ($3.19). Same. Great colors, but re-apply city and Saturday morning unintentional naked lip look.

And of course:

-E.L.F. Mineral Lip Liner ($3.00). I liked it the best. Only three colors, but it wore quite well. Not as well as Lancome LeLipstique, and I'm not willing to sacrifice on a regular basis, but not bad!

My favorite tried and true color in LeLipstique is Sheer Raspberry. I find myself constantly going back to it and have for over 5 years. It's a lovely soft shade that looks good used with all lips colors. Fill in your entire lip for even longer lasting all over lip color.

Have a lip liner/color you love? Let us know!


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