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FreeMotion introduced a new belt drive option for their S11 series indoor cycles at IHRSA this year. Bill Pryor and I discussed it on Podcast # 204.

Not being there to ride it, I figured that a  belt is just a belt, right?

Well no, in this case it isn't. Instead of using a high tension automotive style v-belt, FreeMotion is offering the Gates Carbon Drive as an option. Looking more like a rubber chain, Carbon Drive is becoming very popular on single speeds and tandem bicycles. You can learn more at the Gates Carbon Drive System website.

I've ridden and taught on belt driven Indoor Cycles from; Keiser, Livestrong and LeMond. All of them offer a club owner reduced maintenance costs and Instructors a very quiet class.

But I've always felt something was always a bit off about the feel of these belt driven bikes. Do the people in your class notice or care? Probably not... but what if there was a solution that had all of the advantages of belt drive, without any of the negatives?

In the videos below Doug Crawford (VP of Product Development at Foundation Fitness and designer of the the FreeMotion S11.9) does a very good job explaining the differences between the two systems and shows how they tested and evaluated the Carbon Drive System to ensure would survive in a commercial setting.


In part three Doug shows how they tested it for thousands of hours.

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