Image is from an email I received from Pear iZumi today.

Image from Pear iZumi.

"We'd Like to Thank All the Dads Who Taught Their Kids to Ride a Bike" was the subject line of an email I received today from Pearl iZumi. I'm pretty sure it was the kids in my neighborhood who taught me to ride. I do know for sure that it was my privilege to teach each of these young ladies, now 19 (Carly) and 23 (Abby) - pictured on each other's bicycles in 1997 🙂

Abby and Carly on bikes

I'll never forget running up & down the street with them, holding them by their shirt collars, very glad I had given up my sedentary lifestyle. ICI/PRO members don't forget about your 40% discount on anything Pear iZumi makes. Here's our page And no your dad won't care if your gift is a little late.

S0 who taught you to ride a bicycle?


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