Me, on the days I'm not sweating on a bike.

Me, on the days I'm not sweating on a bike.


(Chinese proverb)

Hi and welcome to the very first 'PRO Style' post.  I'm so glad you're here!  As we start out together, I thought it might be helpful to do the 'what' and 'why' thing and then a little about me:

So, 'what' is 'PRO Style'?  It's a place for us to come and get quick, useful information on products and application  methods/ techniques that can help us feel more confident and beautiful inside and out as we teach our classes, work outside the studio, assist our families and give back to our communities.  I hope it won't just be me posting here...I want really want to hear from you all!  Questions, likes, dislikes, what has worked, hasn't, etc.

'Why' do the 'PRO Style' posts at ICI?  70% of our membership at ICI/PRO is female. are welcome to read too!  I hope some of what we talk about will be for everyone (great skincare, sunscreen, deodorants vs. antiperspirants, etc.).

I was asked a few years ago to do something like this, and have been contemplating it ever since.  Now is the time!  There isn't a practical, honest cosmetic blog for those of us that teach and exercise and want to know what does and doesn't work in this situation.  We need to take into account sweat, microphones, windscreens, headbands, etc.  Also, I wasn't born with awesome skin, hair and luscious lips.  I need a little help in these areas, especially now that I am 51 and many of my teammates are uhm...younger.   We will delve into what is good out there and what is not...and hopefully get a lot of feedback from all of you!

A little about me:  I started in the beauty industry 14 years ago when my kids were little.  I am currently an Account Development Specialist for Clarins USA.  Prior to that, I was with Lancome Cosmetics for 13 years as a Makeup Artist and Beauty Consultant.  I was also an Artistic Design Educator for Youngblood Cosmetics for 2 years.  In addition, I have done runway, photo shoots and many weddings on a freelance basis.   I love to help women feel confident and beautiful.

Because of my familiarity and experience with Clarins and Lancome products, you will see many of them in my posts.  This is simply because I know them well.  I, in no way, am trying to sell anything for them, or to you.   I receive no compensation from anyone for writing these posts.

I hope we can have some fun together, learn some things together and feel more confident together!  Please reach out to me at by leaving a comment below.

Truly, the more we hear from each other about our experiences (good, bad, great and the ugly!), the better this blog will be!  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Here's to being professional and stylin'!



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