Indoor Cycling Studio Owners Advisory Group


Here's an excellent chance for you to help shape the future of Indoor Cycling - as a member of the new Studio Owner's Advisory Group we're forming as a part of AFS - the Association of Fitness Studios.

After receiving some favorable responses from our Studio Owner's Facebook Group to this question, Josh Leve (founder of AFS) and I came up with a basic criteria for inclusion to this advisory group:

  • You have over two years experience in the business of fitness - as an owner or manager of a studio.
  • You own a cycling studio that has solid, demonstrable growth
  • You excel in a variety of areas including: business ethics, community involvement, and making an impact on your members/clients
  • You will commit to participating in the group for one year.
  • You're an AFS member - advisory group members will receive a free one year premium subscription.
  • You may have business related education and/or experience in; accounting, legal, HR, finance, real estate, construction, etc... any would be helpful, but not mandatory.

I feel it's important for you to understand that this will be a group made up exclusively of 6 - 10 Cycling Studio Owners - we're not including anyone else.

My role will be to act as the liaison between the group's leadership and AFS, where I have an advisory position.

What are you committing to?

We're anticipating that group members will meet via Skype or Google Hangouts 3-4 times a year and communicate via Facebook and email as needed. The group might decide to form a private group on Facebook... or possibly hold meetup at a fitness conference like IDEA 🙂

Group Leadership

Every group needs a leader, in this case we feel there should be two to share the load + someone who can act as Secretary to take minutes of the meetings.

For the first year we're looking for volunteers for these three roles. Once the group is firmly established, it would probably make sense for there to be elections to select the leaders.

I've created this survey to collect applications until April 30th.

What will the group do?

As I said on Facebook:

You're a bunch of really smart, passionate people. AFS would like to tap your collective knowledge on important issues and solicit your help and direction; in the types of educational content they (AFS) develop and distribute to benefit others, forms of advocacy they should pursue and other ideas/needs as they arise.

Beyond that we're thinking it's your group and hopefully the group's mission/scope will develop organically over time.

Complete this survey to submit your application - deadline is April 30th 2016.




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