UPDATE 6/7 5:15 and Amy and I are on the bus to Duluth, MN for the start of the MS 150. The start tomorrow AM is looking to be 42¬įF ūüôĀ is back!

UPDATE 6/6 4:00

Thanks for your patience [wlm_firstname]

We are getting closer to solving the multitude of problems we've been hit with, sort of:

  • ICI/PRO -The login widget was causing the login trouble. Please use the temporary link to the right.
  • Pedal-On - I'm fighting a battle with two¬†separate web¬†hosting &¬†domain¬†registration companies over what should have been a simple request >company "A" made a change that needed company "B's"¬†cooperation... except "B" either (depending on who I talk with) can/won't or can't make the necessary change. I'm currently working with a "can" person. Stay tuned.
  • Podcast feed in iTunes is still broken and I'm waiting for a response from Apple. ¬†

It must be drive John crazy week. Technical difficulties everywhere I turn and don't get me started on the continuation of the cold crappy weather we are privileged to suffer through. Yesterday's group ride was 3 hours of steady rain @ 55 degrees.

iTunes isn't receiving our free podcast feed and yesterday one of my hosting companies needed to make just a teeny, tiny, little adjustment... which turned out to be huge and has unavalible for the next (hopefully only) 24 hours or so.


While I try to bring everything back to some level of normalcy, please enjoy one of my favorite early episodes of the Podcast.

Jesse Piersol on Podcast #25 - how to tell a good story in your classes.



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