Spotify for spinning indoor cycling class playlists

Have your received an invitation to join the Spotify music service?

Spotify is new here in the USA, but has been available in Europe for a number of years.
I received an invitation to join and I did. It appears to be the latest in the line of music services like Napster and Rhapsody. I'm guessing that our ICI/PRO members would enjoy knowing more about Spotify and it's features... except I don't have the bandwidth to look into it with the level of detail needed.

Are you a Spotify Expert who would be willing to share your experiences?

If you are please send me an email john at and we can discuss bringing you on as an ICI/PRO Team Member.

Update July 29th 2011 - ICI/PRO Member Marc Schlosberg has been really digging into the potential of using Spotify for his spin class music. Marc and I have been playing with the social = music sharing capabilities and hope to record our finding soon.


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