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So, we haven”™t talk lately about design and that is part of my soul and the way I make “my leaving”. To me design is not only grabbing a pen and drawing — its way beyond that — it”™s how you create momentum — it”™s how you create experience — it”™s how you get into people”™s minds — its not only about drawing or colors — it”™s the combination of emotions, experience, good taste, feelings, engaging and lot”™s of out of the box thinking. Now I will take you to something that for most of you out there might think that I”™m totally crazy but I want to share this experience with you. As some of you know, I”™ve always been very active in sports and in the last year I”™ve been sitting on my laurels doing nothing but working, working and working — so I”™ve try a few things and none of them successful until I “discover” this year SPINNING®.

My wife one day told me about this beautiful new gym here in Miami — 360 energy in motion — she told me about the class that she took for free and afterwords she felt in love with it. So I say, well, ok let”™s go, I”™ll give it a try — but I think is a women sports — nevertheless, I will give it a try”  So I step the day after into 360eim and immediately I felt in love with the place — very clean, very well though, very Zen (you can breath peace inside) and that its hard sometimes to accomplish on any gym — but this one have all the things that I dream to have in a gym without getting into an “extremely fancy luxury un-payable and boring place”.

So I took my first class with Scott Schlesinger a master instructor for Spinning® — men the rest is history — what a class, what a ride!!, great music (again very emotional — zen — feeling type) but at the same time very active — you sweat your ass there. Forget about the thing that I”™ve said it was only for girls — this is SERIOUS workout. If you like biking you will LOVE Spinning. I felt in love with the sport because as a professional designer spinning gave me everything that my soul needs — great music (inspiration) — great coaching(motivation) — great experience (feeling)- good taste(bikes are beautiful and I cannot tell you about this place — is gorgeous!) — it”™s 100% engaging and it will challenge you in a way that it will make you think out of the box by all means all the time. You get to know your self better with each class, guys believe me when I”™m telling you that this is an amazing sport — you will sweat like you have no idea — you will feel strong in every sense of the way without getting yourself hurt and the risk is very low as you are pedaling indoors — don”™t get me wrong — I love biking outdoors too — but with Spinning it doesn”™t matter if it”™s rainy out there, cold or hot, windy or dry you can still ride!!

I would like to share with you a few of this beautiful bikes and a nice video about a ride with Josh Taylor (the ride its called ANIMAL RIDE) at the netherlands with more than 500 bikes — listen to the coaching of this guy and imagine your self sweating every drop in this class — believe me you got to try at least one time and you will understand this lines. I got the opportunity a week ago to ride in a class here in Miami in another Spinning facility in South Miami with Josh Taylor and wow this guy was amazing. In another hand let me share with you this link about the gym 360 energy in motion if you would like to go and get your free class and try it — (yes, yes first class its FREE 100%) you will be amazed with the sport.

Everyone at this place are great at what they are doing Zsazsa and Gabby (the owners) are great teachers, Rinie, Jacque, Gustavo and Scott are amazing too plus you can have Yoga or Pilates classes as well!! But if you can”™t go to this place for any reason don”™t worry you can go to any other facility — just make sure that your teachers are certified by Spinning® ”™cause there is a lot “indoor cycling classes” out there that are not Spinning classes and people could get confused about what the real sport is. But like I said before, the most important thing here is TRY go get anywhere you want but try and ride, you will love it.

also visit SPINNING.COM for more information on certified facilities around the globe.

... I”™ll see you a few of you riding soon.

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