Wireless Freedom!

Here's a great idea from ICI/PRO Member Instructor Chuck Gauran that has me smacking my forehead; "why did I think of that?"

With all the excellent, structured Virtual Ride videos available, I'm to the point where it's rare to teach a class without one. I teach to the profile of the video as much as possible so there's a synergy between what I'm coaching and what everyone is watching.

To teach effectively I need to watch the video, right along with the class. So I prefer to ride with the class, rather then up front facing them. I use the mirrors to keep an eye on everyone so it's all good... except I have to leave my iPhone on the sound system - out of reach. So I don't have any option to make volume or track changes if needed. I have a 15' cord I've tried to use but it's been more hassle than help.

Enter Chuck's brilliant solution; use a Bluetooth receiver to connect your device wirelessly to the club's stereo. Chuck shared a link to this Miccus BluBridge mini-jack Rx: Portable, Bluetooth Music Receiver with Stereo Output (1/8-Inch) for Home and Auto systems that you can purchase from Amazon for just $32.99

As far as I know, every Smart Phone has Bluetooth built in so you should be ready. iPod users can purchase a Bluetooth Dongle that will plug in and have you ready to go wireless in your next class.


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