I'm listening to the new track suggestions for our latest Top Indoor Cycling class songs this morning as I get ready for my 8:00 90 min endurance class. When I got to last Friday's suggestion from soundtrack composure Brian Tyler it got me to thinking... could you use a movie score as the playlist for a class? I mean the whole soundtrack? Exactly as it was in the movie?

My understanding is that a lot of thought that goes into what people hear in a movie, almost as much as the visual elements. When you think about it, isn't much of the emotional impact of the movie transferred through the sound track?

Would the audio alone create a compelling ride?

What would happen I paired a movie soundtrack to a long virtual ride DVD?

I started poking around on Spotify and found that Brian Tyler has scored multiple movie soundtracks and interestingly enough, the soundtracks that go along with video games  including Need For Speed.

My class seems to be open to much of anything I throw at them. So I'm going to try it this morning - I'll let you know what happens.


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