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I was rear ended this past January and my beloved Acura TL was totaled.  I only had one problem with this car….the CD player didn”™t work. Plus my oldest daughter had blown out the stereo speakers, so any volume above 2 put out a very annoying buzzing sound.  You get the picture.  And, if you are anything like me, music is on your mind a lot as we are always looking for new, cool ,different, hip exciting music for our classes.

Well, I got a new (used) Acura TL.  Very cool…6 speed manual transmission, faster than a speeding bullet, etc., etc., BUT the coolest thing is the XM radio that the previous owner was nice enough to extend for me.  OMG!!!!!  If you do not have it, but can activate it in your vehicle, DO IT!  I am discovering new bands, new genres, new tunes by bands I had forgotten about, old tunes from bands I had never heard of and artists I didn”™t even know existed. All while just JDA - Just Driving Around.  Rock stations, current stations, country, drum, Christian, dance, R&B, big band, electronica, blues stations…you name it, and no commercials.  Best of all, if you have a smart phone and hear something you like, just “Shazam” it and all the song information is saved so you can download it later when you are safely not behind the wheel. XM Radios Starting at $29.99

I am so excited because my music library is growing like crazy and just tickled to be sharing my new finds with you in the “Friday Favorites” so stay tuned!

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