Yellowstone indoor cycling videos

Cyclist Darin Letzring contacted me about the Indoor Cycling videos he has made in Yellowstone National Park. They look like they could provide an awesome backdrop for a class.

Yellowstone Time Trials
These videos showcase the flat and fast areas of Yellowstone National Park. Most of the video is spent right next to one of the many beautiful rivers in the park. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and maybe a few animals as you journey through the park. A high energy soundtrack keeps you moving along.

The full workout video is based on a 3×20 minute workout with a warmup session, breaks between hard efforts, and a cooldown. Below is the breakdown of the video with specific times and sections.

I use a lot of structured videos in my classes - videos with on-screen profiles and timers like what's available from I will frequently ride along in those classes so I can watch along and cue and comment about what's happening on the video.

There are other times where I'm just looking for pretty pictures and/or video that I can play as a distraction = Yellowstone Time Trials could make a good choice for these type of classes.

You can find all of Darin's videos and purchase / download information here. You'll note that they are offering a video rental option through Amazon... interesting concept.

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