at the target center with 1,000 spinning indoor cycling bikes

We will find out if 1,000 Spinning Indoor Cycling Bikes will fit in the Target Center

That was the heading of the email I just received.

It continued:

Life Time Fitness is holding a record breaking 2 Hour Spin class with 1000 bikes for the ride!  The event will be held March 7th from  11am-1pm in the Target Center Downtown Minneapolis.  CEO and Founder Bahram Akradi, along with 4 of Life Time”™s top spin instructors, will lead you through what is bound to be a tough but fun 2 hour ride!  During the ride you will have the BEST tunes spun by DJ Roberto Costa with various guest appearances that will keep you entertained throughout the ride.  In order to participate in this record breaking event, you will need to wear a Life Time Fitness jersey.  If you do not own one already, you can order one online or you can purchase the 2010 jersey from me for $49.95. (there's always a catch; JohnLook for additional details this week on  Your Group Fitness Department Heads as well as the General Managers of your home club will have sign up and jersey procurement information as well.

Please make sure that you reserve your space for this event AND spread the word!!!! (with 17,000 visitors  a month I'm guessing I'm doing more than my share :)

I will update you when I know more....

I'm curious to know, who exactly are "4 of Life Time”™s top spin instructors?" Nobody called me 🙁


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