Zoning Heart Rate training

Now, as a patented inventor myself, I'm intimately aware of the difficulties of securing a US Patent. Hat's off to Sally Edwards and Chuck Cali for making the case that their Threshold Training System is truly original and worthy of U.S. Pat. #8092381!

On January 12, 2012, the federal patent office extended to ZONING Fitness the first US patent for a cardio-training program (U.S. Pat. #8092381). The patent is designed to use the ZONING program and the flashing cardio-zones Blink heart rate monitor. The company signed its first two licensing agreements for the ZONING program with Austin, Texas based IHT (Interactive Health Technologies) and with FitNut, Inc., a Denver-based corporate fitness and nutrition company.

Threshold training system

A system for increasing the fitness level of a fitness enthusiast. The system includes a personalized set of intensity zones corresponding to increasing levels of exercise intensity. The personalization of the system is accomplished through determining a threshold level based on oxygen consumption or a numerical rating of perception of effort or lactate or metabolism that is unique to each individual. From this determination, an anchor point is created upon which the heart rate values for each of eight zones is based. Each zone corresponds to a multiplier that when factored in to the amount time spent in each zone by the individual, yields a total training load value.

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