Thank You! With the one exception (losing our friend Jim Karanas) 2013 was an awesome year here at ICI/PRO!

I just got back from co-teaching a 90 minute Performance Cycle class with the Senior Group Fitness Instructor Amy. We had a great group of committed Endurance Athletes this AM - I say committed because many of them said they went to bed early (missing the ball-drop), just so they would be rested for class this morning.

Here's the playlist we used - which is a combination of Amy's and my songs selections.

2014 New Years Class Spotify Playlist

While Amy was leading the ride, I got to thinking; as we move into 2014 it would be fun to take a quick look back at 2013, by looking at the numbers...

141,174 - Number of unique visitors to ICI/PRO - up ~20% from 2012.

418,367 - Number of pages they read while here.

20,518 - Number of views of our most popular page Starting an Indoor Cycling or Spinning® studio….can it work? If you have the of dream of starting a new Indoor Cycling Studio, you're not alone 🙂

1,458 - Total number of posts published here to date.

377 - Posts published in 2013

And to think, when I started this 5 1/2 years ago I was concerned we would run out of things to talk about!

Here's to making your 2014 the best year ever!








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