Back-to-School signals the end of summer for many of us. *Our participants will begin thinking about Fall and the transition to riding indoors. I'm thinking that you will want to be ready for them. 🙂

All of us here at ICI/PRO believe September is the perfect month to sharpen your Instructor skills for the upcoming Indoor Cycling season. This is exactly why we scheduled the ICI/PRO Conference for the end of this month.

Beginning this week, we will be delivering ICI/PRO members specific exercises (actionable steps) you can take to improve your craft as an Indoor Cycling Instructor. Most won't have any cost involved except for your time and effort.

Some of our suggestions will have you stepping a bit beyond your comfort zone. You will need to devote some additional time and effort this month if you truly want to improve... but then isn't that what's really necessary to grow and develop as an Instructor?

Each week will have a unique focus:

This week — How do you look?

Week 2 — How do you sound?

Week 3 — How do you feel?

Week 4 — Bring it all together!


*No slight intended to our Instructor members and friends Down-Under who are heading into their spring 🙂

Originally posted 2011-09-04 12:06:19.


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