Anyone remember this comic?

In the past, the prevailing attitude was that we should allow anonymous comments here at Anyone could comment and no log-in was required. This was based on a belief that the quantity of comments was much more important than the quality of the comments or who it was making the comment. Visitors and ICI/PRO members were treated alike.

I never liked that policy and feel that it was misguided. Commenting is a privilege that should be reserved for registered users at the very least. I can't post a reply on Pedal-On without first logging in, why would here be any different?

Not requiring a log-in to post a comment also makes it easy for Spammers to post advertisements for Viagra and links to malicious software. We employ the best anti-spam software available and it blocks hundreds of spam comments every day. But, like the spam filters on your email, sometimes a legitimate message is blocked. That's when I get the "why did you delete my comment?" emails.

We are a community of passionate Indoor Cycling Instructors. We should know who we are talking to because it leads to a feeling of safety which = more and better discussions that will benefit all of us.

After a number of discussions with ICI/PRO members and members of the ICI/PRO team we have decided that comments will be restricted to ICI/PRO members only.

Do you feel this is a mistake? ICI/PRO members can leave a comment below 🙂


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