We started the Ultimate Instructor Class Profile contest as a way for talented Instructors to show their stuff. Creating interesting class profiles, that go beyond the basic Indoor Cycling movements and intensities, is hard work.

Our first contest introduced you to 5 motivated Instructors who delivered some very well designed class profiles.

And for Part Deux the next batch didn't disappoint and I'm very excited for you to meet each of them 🙂

It's with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the Ultimate Instructor Class Profile contest.

Fourth runner-up: Mark Peterson from Davidson, NC

Race Day profile

Profile Description

For the love of the Road Race! The inspiration for this ride was the recent Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado but the ride is generic in the sense that you could do this ride as a stage of any Cycling Race. The objective of the ride is to educate my students on the sport of Bike Racing, entertain and to provide some of those moments of lung splitting, leg busting intensity that is Road Racing!

Mark won $250.00 in prizes including EpicPlanet.tv”™s new Race Day Video: Pensacola Stage Race


Third runner-up: Christine Nielsen from Head of St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia 

Going the Distance profile

Profile Description

This profile was developed as part of a series to show that endurance classes can be as engaging and informative as rides with higher intensity.  This class gives the instructor an opportunity to simultaneously address effort management, pedaling mechanics and related form issues, universal mental challenges and also introduce some outdoor bike safety topics.

Christine won $250.00 in prizes including EpicPlanet.tv”™s new Race Day Video: Pensacola Stage Race


Second runner-up: Kathy Palkaninec from Cooper City, FL

The Vicious Cycle profile

Profile Description

This ride was created after researching metabolic conditioning sequence and how to burn stubborn body fat. I found the Ultimate Cardio Sequence by Shaun Hadsall. His explanation and sequence based on science inspired my “vicious cycle”. The name of the game is Intensity first.

Kathy won $450.00 in prizes including a CyclingFusion.com — Online Certification voucher ($225 value)


First runner-up: Kristen Dillon from Hilton Head, SC


Profile Description
As an instructor on a small island off the coast of South Carolina, we have VERY flat roads. As a result, many outdoor cyclists who live here spend much of their training time on speed building. It is important to note that both the outdoor road cyclist and indoor cycling enthusiast can benefit from this workout. To improve speed, riders should work at their anaerobic threshold. Both experienced and new riders can use this ride to improve speed at threshold.

Kristen won $300.00 cash and $250.00 in prizes


Grand Prize Winner: Traci Kann from Westminster, MA

Ladder Stepdowns - A Descending Interval Workout profile

Profile Description

This ride was inspired by a running workout described in “Runner”™s World” magazine a few years ago. While the workout in the magazine was designed to be done on foot and not on an indoor bike, and while it was presented a bit differently than this ride in terms of timing and the total number of intervals, the basic concept remains the same. The premise is to experience a range of paces from common road race distances, from the marathon to the mile. As the simulated race distance decreases, the intensity of the interval increases.

For her winning submission, Traci won a total of $1,315 including:

I'm really proud of everyone who stepped beyond their comfort zone and submitted their entries to the contest.

We will be recording and publishing these winning class profiles in the coming months so stay tuned.



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